Services for corporate clients in the following areas

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Product and idea viability testing

Market analysis and hypothesis validation
Marketing analysis and customer development.
UI/UX prototyping
Development of marketing offers.
Preparation for MVP development following positive market feedback

Startup hypothesis filtering and development:

Early-stage filtering of startup hypotheses.
Saving clients' time and resources on unviable projects.
Adapting and evolving ideas to achieve MVP and product-market fit.

AI solutions implementation:

Business process automation using AI.
Reduction of operational expenses.
Enhancement of product and service competitiveness.

Startup support with internal assessment:

Specialization in e-commerce, affiliate marketing, medTec, marTech, and edTech.
Traffic analysis and customer value determination.

SaaS project launches:

Development of investment-attractive SaaS solutions.
Implementation of AI in sectors related to traffic and marketing.
Focus on e-commerce for B2B and B2C segments targeting self-employed individuals.

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