Our Projects

AI-Powered assistance for effortless test creation

PROECTA is an artificial intelligence-based platform designed to facilitate and automate the process of creating and reviewing tests in the educational sphere. One of its key features is the ability to create individualized tests, allowing teachers and educational institutions to precisely tailor assessment tools for each student.

Personalized news: never miss the news that matters in the sea of information

NUNSIOS is dedicated to delivering news digests tailored to your interests and preferred sources. By providing a concise, curated selection from top-tier news outlets like The Economist and the New York Times, we ensure that staying informed about global events is efficient and aligns with your personal preferences.

Smart shopping assistant: integrating AI-Powered discount alerts into your calendar with Shop AI Mail

SHOP AI MAIL is an innovative system based on the use of artificial intelligence. This system is designed to automatically inform users about discounts on products and services that interest them. The main idea of the project is to integrate information about discounts directly into the user's calendar. Thus, people can easily plan their purchases, knowing in advance about upcoming promotions and discounts in their favorite stores or online platforms.

Transforming the future of HR with advanced AI recruiting solutions

INTELLIVERI represents an innovative solution in the field of recruiting, based on the application of artificial intelligence. It marks a significant step forward in the recruiting industry, offering an approach that not only saves time for HR professionals but also enhances the quality of the staffing process. The goal of this project is to radically improve the personnel hiring process, making it more efficient and effective.

Become a part of innovation with AILABIKA

Join the AILABIKA Startup Studio platform, where your ideas gain strength through advanced AI technologies. Realize your potential and create the next successful startup with us.

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