Here's our plan:

Starting Off (1 month)

First, we'll take a close look at your business to see how AI can help. This part won't cost you anything. We'll look at everything you do and how you work with your customers to come up with some smart ideas for using AI.

Digging Deeper (2 months)

Next, we'll pick the best ideas from the first part and really focus on them. We're all in – we'll use our know-how and even put up to 20% of the project's value into making these ideas work.

Building It (6 months)

Then, we'll build a test version or a simple first model of the new AI thing, based on the plan we made. We'll keep improving it, making sure it's what people need and want, and that it's really good quality.

We're excited to talk about how we can do some amazing things together that could change the game for your business.

What Happens After?
Our engagement doesn't end with this project. We want to keep working together on new things and finding more ways to help each other grow.
Why We're Different?
We're not just giving advice; we're putting our own time, skills, and tools into this, which shows we really believe in working together.
Why Us, Why Now?
Using AI is super important these days to stay ahead. Our way of working together means we both put in effort to make sure the project does really wel

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